Richmond City Council
Michelle Mosby, City Council Woman 9th District                    Uzziah Harris, City Council Liaison                                              
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On January 2, 2013, I took the oath of office and was sworn in to be your 9th District City Council Representative, as we move out of our first year together into our second I do not take the challenge lightly; I will continue to fight for your interests. I STILL need your help, we will need to work together to improve the quality of life within our District

TODAY'S Victory! I believe TODAY is monumental. VICTORY in the City of Richmond... I Believe that if we begin to focus less on the things that make us different and focus more on the CORE VALUES we have in common that We can be A Better People! Things We Have In Common...
Our Health Issues (rich or poor) it's important to eat healthy and have some form of insurance to assist with health issues.
Our youth ( or poor) we want the BEST for our children..their health,safety and education.
Our Economics (rich or poor) We want to be able to take care of our families.

.......These are things that are important to us all (rich or poor). The problem is that we spend too much time fighting about our differences... Race, Religion, and Socioeconomic status. These differences keep us from seeing the bigger picture.... Our Federal Government sufffers Shutdown after Shutdown today because there are some people who do NOT want to put aside differences for The Greater Good! All I'm saying Is that we have to learn locally how to stand together and FIGHT for our IN COMMON- only then will our differences make less of a DIFFERENCE,!! Have A Fabulous Day today because TODAY IS OUR DAY!
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